Phase 1: Research

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planning the experience map, taken by me

Step 1: Stakeholder Interview

Paul Boag had this to say about stake holder interviews; “well run stakeholder interviews ensure your web project has clearly defined goals which will benefit everybody in the organisation, while at the same time achieving buy-in from all parties”. (src:

We meet with Jim, the marketing manager and one of his developers and asked him what he was looking from the project. Here are the main issues he wanted to address.

– The site is not mobile at all, this needs to be changed

– He wanted to focus on finding a way to increase membership sales

– He wanted to increase traffic and sales to the cafeteria

It was apparent in our interview that he didn’t really care about the site, he just wanted people through the door.  We will have to make sure to address this issue in our final evaluation and show him how a great online presence and experience will increase sales and traffic to the museum.

Step 2: Choosing a primary and secondary persona

Jim gave us his target demographics, but after he left, as a class we all brainstormed possible users. Most everyone choose to use a mom persona as their primary and  teacher persona as a secondary.  We decided to choose a grandparent persona as a primary and a teacher as our secondary.

Step 3: Interviews

We decided that we would focus on contextual interviews and I feel that really payed off. We did do some skype interviews and simple surveys but we got the best information from our contextual interviews.

I found interviewing to be a trick procedure. The most difficult thing for me was that it seemed that more often than not, the people I was interviewing had all of a sudden turned into a design expert. I quickly realized the problem was in how I was framing the questions and after I had corrected my behavior the interviews went smooth.

Research-NotesSome of my personal research notes

Step 4: Identifying Patterns/Creating Personas and Experience Maps

In his book Designing the Obvious Robert Hoekman Jr, a well known UX practitioner, states that “a persona, at is core, is a user profile focused on goals and activities rather than demogrphics…personas are a vital part of what is known as goal directed design”. (Designing the Obvious pg.35)

Since we will be using Alan Cooper’s Goal directed design process it was imperative that we got the personas down as best as possible. The following is our final documents we created to cater to this process. All graphics were created by yours truly.


Primary Persona: Grandpa Hank

Granpda Hank_Web

Secondary Persona: Ms. Taylor (teacher persona)

Ms Taylor_web

Our Experience Map (based off our ideal experience):

Experience Map_Web

Next up; turning our research and findings into a workable design!