What Journey?


Welcome!  My Name is Stanford Kekauoha.

I recently took an advanced web design class at the University of Utah.  There I learned about UX/interaction design.  My interest was piqued and I went into to more research on the topic.

A little background story, I have been going to school for about 6 years and I am about to finally receive my bachelors. It has taken me so long because I have not been able to decide what I wanted to do.  I first started off at BYU-Hawaii and was studying Instructional Development Design. Not to long after they got rid of the major and I was at a loss for what I should do.  I took some career tests (myers-briggs) and it actually helped me out a lot into choosing the communications program at the University of Utah.

A link to my Digital Media Portfolio

So here I am researching this topic of UX, looking at job security, pay, hubs, everything. After all my research I came to one conclusion…I want to be a UX designer. I have always loved design but felt that the typical “designer” was shallow. By shallow I mean that it was pretty much one facet, not enough dimension to the job. I felt that UX designers had a perfect combination of science and design which I loved.

I remember reading through a lot of forms and that question is asked a lot…”how do I get a job in UX?” I have the same question. I have no experience in UX, I come from a video production/social media background, which I guess has some parallels. However I need direct UX experience and my goal is to get that experience without the aid of a Masters (which will definitely come later, and I hope my work will pay for it…a guy can dream, right?!).

I don’t know how long it will take me to land a full time job as a UX designer but I am dedicated to getting there and I hope this blog can be of some assistance to those who are in the same shoes as I am now.

A link to my Digital Media Portfolio


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